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Lyndsey Paul

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The philosophy
            We believe each one of our listeners inquiries are unique and different.  The answers you seek can be answered by the wisdom already present in everyday things.  Get out of your head and tune into your soul.  Thursdays at 1-2pm on Seattle's Alternative Talk
1150 AM KKNW.

The Mission
We strive to make knowledge and wisdom available to our listeners by exploring a plethora of topics from Spirituality, Animals, Health, Quantum Physics, Science, Psychology. To interviewing the top experts. We are committed to enriching Mind, Body and Spirit of our listeners and moving them to a more positive place.

My experience
 I have travelled the world, studied with gurus in India and world reknowned experts like James Van Praagh, John Holland, Doreen Virtue, Dougall Fraser to fine tune and master my abilities.  From years of meditation, to helping others find clarity, I will tap into this wisdom and help you soar to new heights by answering your ultimate questions.


Date: TBD
Chuck Bergman, Psychic Medium
Author of The Psychic Cop
and Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife


Twice monthly!
"Ask the vet"
With Dr. Guidry

From Helping Hands Vet Clinic!


 Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic 
is a full service veterinary hospital providing a blend of traditional and complimentary medicine.

"We believe that quality medicine can be affordable and provide all aspects of basic medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs & rats. We also offer professional grooming and cat boarding. Call us today to make your next appointment."

18415 33rd Ave W Ste R
Lynnwood , Washington 98037

Email : info@helpinghandsvet.com
Phone : 425-672-4343
Fax : 425-778-2747

Mondays & Thursday 9am to 7pm, appointments.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am to 5pm, appointments.
Saturdays 9am to 4pm, walk-in.
Doctors lunch 1pm to 2pm.

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Since a child I have been able to communicate with spirit.
Although, a genetic trait on both sides of my family, my immediate family did not share in my abilities. I was raised without the influence of religion or politics. I was given space to cultivate my own understandings of the world without any expectations.

The last 16 years of practice I have attended workshops, read over 100 books in this field, met with other Mediums and have cultivated a knowledge base primarily in Mediumship, Yoga, Quantum Physics, Psychic, Energy & Healing. Others fields of interest: Psychology, Trauma, Reincarnation, Past Life, Greif Counseling, Astrology, Symbolism, Angels, Ghosts, Premonitions, Radical living, NDE's, Karma, Dreams, Buddhism, Dhammapada, Bagavad Gita.